Tuesday, December 25, 2007

SerandEz Questions


All right, everyone, I want all of your opinions. This blog is going to be taking a step down the next few months at least, which means certain parts are going to be cut to an extent. I have my own favorite parts to this blog, and I'm sure many people will say 'your blog, do as you please', and that's fine, but I'm curious what parts all of YOU enjoy the most about this blog. So, feel free to put them in order of 'importance' to you, to explain, to criticize, to critique, to complain, to ask, and the like. I want honest takes on what goes on here and what people like and what bothers people. So let's go!
  • 1) My own writing. (Rare, I know.) Those rare spurts where I actually sit down and write. Are those any good? Are they interesting? Are they worth reading?
  • 2) Roundups. Those little pointers to the stuff I like out there that I think people can get something out of reading. Are they quality? Do you bother going? If you do, do you feel like they were worth reading?
  • 3) Life at SerandEz. Ser, Ez, & Elianna!
  • 4) Sports! (I wonder how many people will place this last.)
  • 5) Politics, national issues, law, 'moral' issues - I'm lumping them all together because people seem to either like all of them or none of them, but feel free to separate them out. Are these interesting, annoying, repetitive...?
  • 6) Israel and life in Israel. Very different topics, but people generally seem to like or dislike both. Do you have any interest? Do you care?
  • 7) Videos - funny, cool, interesting, whatever. Do they bring smiles or insights to your day?
  • 8) The discussion: From the interesting to deep to funny comments that go on. Are they interesting? Are they discussion-worthy? Are they fun? Are they a waste of time, whiny, repetitive, obnoxious?
  • 9) The chiller. Is SerandEz just a nice, pleasant place to come to because it's not really about anything; just a little random friendliness and some fun people commenting here and there - no attacks, no bashing, just good ol' food for thought? Or eh.
  • 10) Jewish community issues. From education to economics to 'shidduchim' to unity or lack thereof; news items to stories to what should or needs to be done. Are these good, interesting, insightful, worthwhile? Or whiny wastes of time? Somewhere in between?
I'm not looking for anything specific here. I'm mostly curious what's worth keeping and what isn't. I know what I enjoy, but I simply don't have the time for all of it - so if I've got to narrow it down and it doesn't make a difference to me, I may as well hear what everyone else has to say. After all, isn't blogging all about the discussion with your friends? Or is that just me?