Sunday, December 30, 2007

sure to put a smile on your face...

The following is an anecdote which, at the time of its occurrence, caused peals of laughter. I decided to share it with the blogworld in the hopes that it will brighten someone's day.

So after an extended nap which conveniently allowed me to miss a statistics class in which we learned material which will not be on the final (what the flip? why teach it? you think a single kid payed attention??), my friend decided to come pick me up for the last 2 classes of the night. I decided to grab a bowl of Coco Puffs on my way out for supper.

So, bowl in hand and knapsack slung over my shoulder, I walk out to the car. I get in. Close the door. My friend starts the car.

So you know those seatbelts that automatically move up over your shoulder?


Seatbelt closes, hits the cereal bowl.... Figure out the rest.

I was DRIPPING with chocolaty milk (funny, according to spellcheck that's how you spell it...) and there were Coco Puffs stuck to my shirt, pooling up in my skirt. It took a few seconds for the shock to wear off, and then the laughter hit.

Me, sitting there sopping wet with cereal, not sure whether to laugh or cry, and my friend stuck in the same predicament, just a bit cleaner and drier. I stood up. Bits of cereal clung to my soaked shirt and milk dribbled down onto my legs. I was a mess.

Thankfully, we hadn't pulled out of the driveway yet so I was able to run in and change. When I pulled off my sweatshirt, I saw that my undershirt (or shell, as it is known is the frum world) had some nice brown spots on the front. I still haven't done the wash yet, but I sincerely hope it comes out.

So... the moral of the story is.... DON'T GET A CAR WITH THOSE DUMB AUTOMATIC SEATBELTS!!!!!!