Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Important Things

Some things do come before blogging (though not many). I've been a bit busy the last few days with some things, especially work and even more importantly, getting good Browns-Jets tickets. It sounds like a lot of Browns' fans will be there... sweet.

On yet another important note, please with my brother-in-law and I luck: This week is essentially a playoff game for us in our fantasy football league, as we need to win to take our division crown and make the playoffs. Meanwhile, in the league we run together, I squeezed out the #6 (and final) seed despite being 8th in points, and have made the playoffs, where ya never know what might happen. (Sorry, JStein.) Finally, the Browns getting cheated out of a game-winning touchdown not only may haunt them in their playoff run, but it cost me first place in the pool I run. Somehow, that's only fitting, right?

Have a wonderfully happy Chanukah, everybody, however you spell it!