Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Memory Book

A friend caught this post on the Facebook group in memory of Yonah Goldman, a'h, by his mother, and suggested I post it.
This is Yonah's mother, and I would like to share some stories that touched the family during Shiva. Yonah's employers told us they loved Yonahs attitude and creativity and hired him on the spot. They said he was a quick learner and at the end of his three month probation was offered a raise. His creative ideas are now being implemented. Everyone constantly said how "Yashar", honest, and responsible he was. Yonah had the ability to relate to all ages and the young children in keriat Arba would name the playground by his house " gan Ish Tov" the playground of the good man. Yonah was the official tennis instructor for Efrat and Keriat Arba. I wanted to emphasize that not only was Yonah a friendly, happy guy with a big smile but he was very respected and admired for his courage in leaving the comforts of America to move to Keriat Arba. I was told by everyone in the community that Yonah fit in like a glove.One man in particular, couldnt get over yonah's amazing hospitality and care for his guests. He compared him to Avraham Avinu. This man only met him one time, and yet he felt a strong connection to him. He told us that he aspires to be just like Yonah. While Yonah was trapped in his car for one hour waiting for the fire truck to extricate him, an amazing Rabbi stayed with him and recited Tehillim, Vidui, and shema. We have been very touched by the out pouring of stories and it is giving us a lot of Chizuk, and we would love to have someone compile a memory book of Yonah for his son, Benyamin Tzvi.
Regarding a fund, I've been in contact with Shomrei Emunah in Baltimore and they are waiting to discuss the idea with the Goldmans after they return from Israel. I will keep everyone updated.


  1. Quite touching, thanks for posting it.

    (btw, check out my new posts when you have a chance).

  2. any news on a fund?