Friday, November 02, 2007

NYT Editorial of the Year

via a comment on Chaim's post

This is awesome. Maureen Dowd decided to allow (Presidential candidate) Stephen Colbert write her column a couple of weeks ago, and it's interesting that the best editorial in the New York Times was written by a guest who works as a TV comedy show host. Excerpts:

I’d like to thank Maureen Dowd for permitting/begging me to write her column today. As I type this, she’s watching from an overstuffed divan, petting her prize Abyssinian and sipping a Dirty Cosmotinijito. Which reminds me: Before I get started, I have to take care of one other bit of business:

Bad things are happening in countries you shouldn’t have to think about. It’s all George Bush’s fault, the vice president is Satan, and God is gay.

There. Now I’ve written Frank Rich’s column too.

Look at the moral guidance I offer. On faith: “After Jesus was born, the Old Testament basically became a way for Bible publishers to keep their word count up.” On gender: “The sooner we accept the basic differences between men and women, the sooner we can stop arguing about it and start having sex.” On race: “While skin and race are often synonymous, skin cleansing is good, race cleansing is bad.”

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  1. LOL. That's the kind of editorial I enjoy reading - making fun of politics.