Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Subway Restaurant in Kew Gardens Hills!?

Woohoo! I've heard it from a few people already, which doesn't make it true, but the rumor is that Subway is planning on opening another Kosher chain, this time right here in Kew Gardens Hills in Queens! Hopefully, it will be like the ones in Cleveland and Baltimore which have parve cheese; the one in Cleveland was excellent both times I've gone. If they're smart, they'll do the "double meat" idea that the one in Cleveland did as well.

Better yet, the rumor says that it will be right by the corner of Main Street and Jewel Avenue, which is about 2 minutes from us; it would be across from Burger Nosh (which apparently is becoming a dairy place soon) and Pizza Professor, next to Grill Point, in what used to be Safra's seforim store.

I like this rumor, and I hope it turns out to be true...! Yum. Though between that and the pretzel place, I think we'll be broke soon...


  1. Yummmm.... pizza professor and grill point... it's been too long since i was there. And subway... haven't had that since i was in israel!

    enjoy ;)

  2. Ez, there are more restaurant rumors in KGH than there are restaurants in kgh. And there are a lot of restaurants in KGH! I've heard the Subway rumor but now I heard that a liqour store is coming there. (Let's hope that Ezzie doesn't get as excited about a liqour store as he does a restaurant). I did hear that a kosher Dunkin Donuts is coming to the location previously affectionately known as "Cemetery Bagels".


  4. Hope is still alive for you, Ezzie. I just dropped my wife at the bus and saw that the liqour store is not coming into that space, it's coming in to the space two doors down, the old Safra annex.

  5. Just what the world needs...another kosher restaurant in KGH.

    Meanwhile, the Glendale Subway is a non-starter.

  6. I did hear that a kosher Dunkin Donuts is coming to the location previously affectionately known as "Cemetery Bagels".

    That place has been empty for over a year, will be great to have a kosher Dunkin Donuts. I've always wondered why we don't have one in the neighborhood.

  7. The kosher Subway in Baltimore hasn't opened yet. . .

  8. For the record, there was a rumour that a kosher Subway was to open in Toronto (in the new Wal-Mart plaza in Thornhill) but that appears to be not happening.

  9. I hope it's not opening up in Safra's old place, there's no parking in the area at all.

    Good riddance to Burger Nosh though, I can't believe that place has been around for more than 15 years. Awful, awful food.

  10. Sarah - :)

    David - I heard about the DD, too. Let's hope!

    G - Booo. I liked it! I thought it would be 'eh', but it was pretty good. It's not Contempo, but it's good.

    David - Woo!

    PT - LOL

    JdJ - That's because there's no parve cheese.

    SaraK - Yep.

    JStein - Soon, soon!

    Avrom - :( Oh man, I was thinking about going when I go to Toronto!

    CWY - Amen. Couldn't have said it better.

  11. I agree with JdJ, brooklyn sucks!! I have no need to spend a lot of money on one sandwiches whioch has no taste at all!

  12. My wife saw a list of all the stores that were going into this new plaza and Subway, kosher or not, was not on the list.
    Meanwhile, the new Wal-Mart is slated to open tomorrow (?) so my wife will check it out to see if the kosher food section is any good.

  13. You know, this is fantastic, Main Street needs another kosher restaurant, there aren't enough of them there (I'm being sarcastic).

    Although, it will be nice if this actually happens. I haven't managed to make it out to the Brooklyn or Five Towns ones yet, but this one I'll probably make it to at some point in time. It's a lot closer.

    So, here's hoping this rumor turns out to be true!

  14. Um...
    A) We just traveled an hour and a half yesterday from where we currently live to take care of some things in KGH and my kids were clamoring for Burger Nosh which they ate with gusto. The manager has been there since I was a kid (about 25 years ago) and you know what... show some freakin respect!
    2) The Kosher Subway sounds good. I still have heartburn from my dinner at Grill Point last night--and I looove Grill Point. It's great for what it is.
    C) You people are spoiled and I guess that's ok. I was too when I lived in NY.

  15. I wonder how the liquor store opening in the Safra annex will affect the existing store that sells a lot of kosher wine - next to Main Glatt. They're very nice in that place and I'd feel bad to see them take a major hit. I don't really understand the need for an exclusively kosher wine and liquor store.

    I hadn't heard about the Dunkin Donuts rumor, but that would be cool. Not cool for my diet, but anyway.

    The one thing about this Subway idea is that there'd be too many food places concentrated in one intersection! How about a fruit store right there? The produce at Main Glatt isn't always so extensive.

    Finally, Anon Mom, while I, too, am semi-nostalgic about Burger Nosh and remember friends' birthday parties there from when I was 6, I do feel like in the last, oh, 10 years or so, there's been little or no effort into keeping that place appealing or nice in any way. The awnings been shredded up for who knows how long, and the manager, bless him, has been stubborn about things like, say, accepting credit cards (you don't see that too often these days). Considering that his prices aren't rock-bottom, if you go in there with a family, the bill can come to an amount that not everyone's got in cash on them all the time. So that's kind of weird.

    Here's to the new KGH!

  16. For those of you who were around KGH about 10 years years ago, there was a kosher Dunkin Donuts inside of Supersol which didn't last more than a bit over a year...good while it lasted, though.

  17. Yeah, that's right. I remember that. Remember when Naomi's was Levy's and Benjy's didn't exist and Shimon's had saloon doors and...ok, I'm done. It's late and I really miss KGH 25 years ago. That was a great place to grow up. And, as for the prices at Burger Nosh--again, you guys need to get out of NY more often. Burger Nosh is cheap. Good luck to you on the Subway and everything else. I can still see the manager of Tain Lee Chow with the Kipa that said "Tain Lee Chow" on it way back when Srugies were the norm. Remember the Purim Parade? OK, OK. I'm going to sleep and I know I'm talking to myself.

  18. Double meat... da bomb!

    And you people who are complaining about too MANY kosher restaurants?! Send them here! (I'm not talking about Cleveland!)

  19. i can honestly say that the bklyn subway is the worst eatery in the borough. and it has nothing to do with cheese.

    when in was in yeshivah in israel there was a kosher subway in jerusalem that i recall being good. but it was gone the next time i visited