Monday, November 05, 2007

Uch, Fine & Sign This

I'm slowly starting to update the blogroll, at the request of many; if you don't see yourself on there, feel free to mention it to me - but realize that it is by no means even close to done. I'm simply working off the list of feeds I read which are heavily categorized and then dividing blogs up that way. The only ones which are accurate at the moment are: Family; Friendly Faces; and KGH & Bal'morons. If you're wondering how I defined those, the only one that actually makes sense is family, which includes people related to me or whom we aren't really related to but, as Facebook would say, are in our "extended family". Friendly Faces are friends who didn't really fit into other categories or I didn't feel like figuring out what category to put them in. KGH & Bal'morons include friends and others who have lived or live currently in Kew Gardens Hills or Baltimore. Confused yet? Me too. Now you know why I hate updating the blogroll. (And no, I can't just put everyone together. I like lists.)

Elsewhere, here's an important petition via R' Horowitz:

Dear Readers:

I am pleased to report that a group of brave, decent citizens of Ramot Beit Shemesh are organizing to end the senseless violence (read They Do Not Represent Us, Enough is Enough and Stop the Bullying Now for details) that is destroying the quality of life in their community.

Please support their efforts and take a moment to sign their respectful and well-written Online Petition. And please send emails to your group list asking others to do so as well. If you would like to offer your logistical or financial assistance to their efforts, please drop Catriel Lev an email at

I think it will be a great source of chizuk for them to have decent Jews around the world support their efforts.

Hopefully, we can collectively restore k’vod shamayim and bring an end to these acts of violence.

Yakov Horowitz

Take a few seconds and help, please.


  1. So even if I moved to say... Cleveland, or Pluto I would always be a Baltimoron?

  2. Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't the petition coming from the local residents? How can one of us sign this as a resident?

  3. Diana - Correct!

    Anon - Good question. As the petition has info to fill out, I think it would be clear that you're signing merely to support and not as a resident.

  4. While petitions can help, the residents also need to organize their own defense detail.

  5. Agreed.

    There should be more coming later this week that touches on that.

  6. Sorry -- I don't see this petition helping at all.

    If the rabbanim of RBS don't make a huge stink out of this, nothing will happen.

    And joining mishmar ezrachi wouldnt hurt.