Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Smile, it's Tuesday!

There is a picture I saw today during class that made me smile. I looked at it again and laughed under my breath. I found it so irresistible that when I viewed it for a third time I had set it as my desktop background.

I then decided to show it to the students sitting near me. I told them “here is a picture that will most certainly make you smile.” Without fail, every one of my classmates who saw it laughed or giggled. I even sent it to Ezzie who said that he laughed.

So here it is. A unique photo that will make you smile.

It will make you happy – if only for a brief moment (after which you may think: “wow, this Moshe guy is out of his mind”).

As for me, I have made you smile today…mission accomplished.

Have a happy Tuesday!