Monday, November 05, 2007


Clearly, though it is a Monday after a long weekend, this blog is not going to be having much in the way of quality content today. I blame the hour-plus conference call I just had to partake in. Ugh. If you are looking for content, see the aforementioned "Friendly Faces" section. They've been posting a bunch of great stuff over the weekend, such as this or this. Or this. Or this. And this. I think I've been basically speechless after reading every one of them.

Instead, here are some random thoughts:
  • Adrian Peterson is amazing.
  • The Browns have almost no shot in a playoff game... but wow, who'd have thought they'd have a shot at a playoff game?!
  • I wrote to my friend yesterday at 12:21pm about the survivor pool we're in together [worth over $200,000 - started this week with about 880 entries remaining], "I'm predicting 250 go down this week, including the Chargers. My system has that game at a virtual tie." He wrote back at 4:30 saying, "well you were right and i had them in my other team. thanks for telling me about your system now *******!" I also noted "I ALWAYS tell you, NEVER TAKE ROAD TEAMS." to which he replied "WELL I LOST ALL MY PICKS EXCEPT FOR 2 ON ROAD TEAMS SO IT SERVES ME RIGHT!!" Well, at least he admits it.
  • On that note, for the rare occasion each season... Go Steelers! (And next week the Saints, then the Colts, then the Chargers, then the Raiders, then the Bills...) As a note, 259 people were eliminated this week (so far).
  • Whenever I hear the word Android, I think of Data from Star Trek. Google still scares me, but I have to admit that this is a good development.


  1. Ok, we finally agree on sports: Go Steelers!

  2. WHAT????? How can you claim to be a Browns' fan and then root for the Steelers????


  3. Rooting for the Steelers against the Ravens makes you persona non grata in Baltimore.

  4. I agree with Jewboy. Sorry, Ezzie, but you know better.