Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why Cleveland Rocks

Shoshana pointed out this post by an old schoolmate of mine, and I couldn't help but be in full agreement with a lot of what he says. Read the whole thing, but here's an excerpt:
Since I first came to Jersey almost ten years ago, I'm constantly met with this response when I tell people where I'm from: "Oh, Cleveland? (eyes roll) Yeah, what's there, anyway?"

Truth be told, their not prepared for my answer. Usually people try to defend their respective hometowns, insistent that their city isn't dead, that there's loads to do, places to go, and exciting things to see. ...

However, my response to people's disdainful comments is full agreement. For me, the reason I love my hometown is because there's really nothing going on, if you want it that way. The sole reason I love going home is because that's my decompression area. ...

To be honest, it's very refreshing to come home and see a real sense of community, something that does exist elsewhere, I'm sure, but not as recognizable in larger places, like in the tri-state area. Nothing beats walking into shul on Friday night, and seeing people's faces light up because you're there. They don't know what is happening in your personal life - because you're always out of town - but it doesn't matter to them anyway; you're home, and that's all that matters...It gives you a real sense of belonging.


  1. I'm truly honored by the mention, Ezzie. Cleveland does rock, but it's a shame about the Tribe, huh?

  2. Y'know for a city in middle of no where, Cleveland is really improving at least sportswise. The Browns, Indians, and Cavs have all turned it around of late. Plus Drew Carey is hosting the Price is Right!

  3. Yeah, but Drew has GOT to get a new line at the end of the show. The whole spaying/nuetering thing? Ecchhh....