Saturday, November 10, 2007

Best Lines from Shabbos

  • "You'd make a great single guy." - Ezzie to The Apple
  • "Apparently, you have to bring them to Uman by the time they're seven, so that way Rebbe Nachman pulls them out of Gehinnom by their payos." [shrug] - RaggedyMom explaining the rush to bring little kids to Uman.
  • "You're the like the Don King of blogs." - Princess D'Tiara to Ezzie
  • "So what color is your aura?" [blank stares] - Chana to everybody
  • "It was RaggedyDom and RaggedyMad before the surgery." - RaggedyMom explaining their unisex names.


  1. The Apple sounds great - I'd love to date him - can you work out the details?

  2. My aura would definitely be purple. Surprised?

  3. So how did u microwave food for a bazillion people?

    BTW I wanna come back when I have time

  4. Two questions on the Don King comment:

    1. Is that a compliment or a put-down?

    2. When are you growing the Don King up-do?

  5. It's a compliment - Ezzie was referring to himself as a blog promoter. And Don King is the king of promoters.

  6. The Apple sounds great - I'd love to date him - can you work out the details?

    Wow, I am soooo disturbed right now. Poor Apple!


  7. Sounds hilarious. I miss all the fun. :-P

  8. "So how did u microwave food for a bazillion people?"

    Yeah, how many people did you have over?

  9. shoshana and i share and aura?

  10. I think some of those quotes sound a little weird out of had to be there {good thing I was ;)}
    Thanks again...'twas great to meet all the bloggers :)

  11. Diana - LOL! Anytime :P. And it was great to meet you :)

    Erachet - don't worry, it's all in good fun ;)

    SaraK - 'twas great to meet you too :)

  12. In the words of Paul Kantner, if you can remember it, you weren't really there.

  13. Diana - ROTFL

    Shoshana, Serach - No.

    SE - LOL. With much difficulty! Nu, so come back. Find time.

    David - 1) Positive! 2) Hehe. I just got a haircut finally, so maybe I'll just let it go through busy season/sefira. Hmm....

    Diana - The KING!

    Erachet - Aren't we all...!

    Scraps - What?! When you came it was pretty fun, too!

    JdJ - Um... 3 sleeping, 10 adults/4 kids night; 11/4 daytime.

    SaraK - That's the best part! :P And it was nice, eh? :)

    The Apple - Have I got a girl for you...!

    RM - LOL!!

  14. Wow.

    I'll have to have a mirror event like that in Israel :)

  15. Ezzie - now you're freaking me out.