Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yonah Goldman, a'h


I received news a few minutes ago that a good friend of mine, Yonah Goldman, was killed this morning while driving in Israel. The JPost has a headline of it, Vos iz Neias has some details.

He was a good friend of mine from our time together in OJ, originally from Baltimore [and before that Kansas City]; we became friends instantly in Israel when we realized our brothers had been in WITS together prior to that. He was married to a wonderfully nice woman and they have one child, and he was living his dream - living in Israel and making a nice life there with his wife Dina. Yonah was almost always smiling with that huge smile of his, was an amazing friend, and always told you what you needed to hear straight, without any games. There was a group of us who were really close in Israel... this is so hard.

His funeral is tomorrow afternoon at Har Tamir in Givat Shaul at 3:30pm Israel time.

Baruch Dayan Emes.

Shiva Updates:
Congregation Shomrei Emunah
Condolences to Bruce and Freda Goldman on the tragic loss of their son Yonah.
Bruce and Freda can be reached after Shabbos at 011-972-2-996-8048.

Bila Ha-Maves L'netzach

Updated information for Goldman family:
The Goldmans are remaining in israel for the remainder of shiva and will return to Baltimore at the end of this week.
May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Shiva info in Israel: The Goldmans are sitting shiva at the home of Yonah & Dina - 141/2 Ramat Mamre, near Kiryat Arba. You can take the 160 bus from the Tachana Merkazit - central bus station. Get off at Ramat Mamre, ask about the Goldman family.
As I get more updates I shall try to post them, b'n.

Here is the Facebook group: In Memory of Yonah Goldman.
A few of Yonah A'H's friends have been talking and we would like to/are trying to set up a fund or tzedaka to help his wife Dina and their baby. If anyone knows how we can go about doing so in a way that would maximize the assistance we can give them, please contact me at serandez at Thank you very much. We'd also like to coordinate this with the family and with whomever should or could be a part, whether that means Shomrei Emunah or any other organization or individuals. Any help would be much appreciated. Again, updates will all be added to this post. Thank you.
Regarding a fund, I've been in contact with Shomrei Emunah in Baltimore and they are waiting to discuss the idea with the Goldmans after they return from Israel. I will keep everyone updated.

UPDATED: The website the family has created which includes fund information for both the fund they started and that Shomrei has started is here. A short summary is here.

A comment and request from Yonah's mother on the Facebook group has been reposted here.