Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Subway Restaurant in Kew Gardens Hills!?

Woohoo! I've heard it from a few people already, which doesn't make it true, but the rumor is that Subway is planning on opening another Kosher chain, this time right here in Kew Gardens Hills in Queens! Hopefully, it will be like the ones in Cleveland and Baltimore which have parve cheese; the one in Cleveland was excellent both times I've gone. If they're smart, they'll do the "double meat" idea that the one in Cleveland did as well.

Better yet, the rumor says that it will be right by the corner of Main Street and Jewel Avenue, which is about 2 minutes from us; it would be across from Burger Nosh (which apparently is becoming a dairy place soon) and Pizza Professor, next to Grill Point, in what used to be Safra's seforim store.

I like this rumor, and I hope it turns out to be true...! Yum. Though between that and the pretzel place, I think we'll be broke soon...