Friday, November 16, 2007

SerandEz in Far Rockaway

'Tis odd, this. We don't go away all for Shabbos frequently; more often, we're the ones hosting the world and their friends (and loving it). But we were away two weeks ago, we're going to Far Rockaway again this week (and whomever is going to a certain Shabbos Kallah, keep your eye out for Serach - no, I don't think I'm going...), and after Thanksgiving and the Shabbos immediately following, we'll be away for three out of the next four after that. [Teaneck, Monthey, home, and Bawlmoore - woo!] For us, that's pretty crazy, but they should all be a lot of fun.

As for this week, I'll be the one in the brown suit. :)