Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shabbat at Serandez

I told Ezzie that he should update his blog because I needed something to read. He said, "you can post on my blog." I took this to mean, I can post right now! So I am. Wow, this feels so powerful.

Aaaaanyway, this was my first shabbat at Serandez. It was so much fun! There were some really funny lines said, but I think this line stands out the most:

Nearly everybody:
My other favorite lines were everything coming out of Elianna's mouth.

And now for something completely different.

There was a comment made this shabbat that no two people who come to Serach and Ezzie's are alike. This really made me realize - there are so many different people in the JBlogosphere and yet many (all? or is that generalizing too much?)of us are respectful of each other and each other's thoughts and ideas. I think we have something that is so, so vital to Jewish life. We have communication. As writers, we are all able to communicate to each other our ideals and views in a respectful manner and so many bloggers manage to be friends, even if they are so different. Personalities, hashkafas...they all become secondary to the most important thing: we are all individuals with our own individual ways of seeing the world. No one said we have to be best friends with just anyone we meet, but having a level of understanding and respect is crucial. And this is one of the reasons why I love blogging.

So, er, you may now all return to your normal daily activities.

Over and out!

(Wow this is so cool! I just posted on Ezzie's blog!)