Friday, September 07, 2007

Story #1: Novelty Purposes

I heard or experienced a few interesting stories this week, and figured I'd share some of them; I think they're worth a lesson or a laugh.

Earlier this week, my friend's car was broken into in Kew Gardens. Someone had smashed the passenger-side window, reached in, opened the dash (nothing there, though), and ended up just taking one small thing. My friend called the police, waiting a total of two and a half hours and requiring half a dozen phone calls for them to actually show up, and proceeded to have an interesting conversation with the officer.
Officer [taking notes]: Was anything taken?
R: Just my radar detector.
O [pauses, looks at R quizzically]: You know those are illegal, right?
R: How could it be illegal? I bought it at Best Buy.
O: Those are for novelty purposes only.
R: Oh, that's okay. I only use it for novelty purposes. [smiles]


  1. Hehehe....very cute. :)

    I never understood how stores can legally sell radar detectors when it's illegal to use them. It never really made sense to me.

  2. My guess is that since in most states they ARE legal, it is legal to sell them even in a state where it is not legal.

    Here in Canada, most provinces have made it illegal and I have never seen it for sale here.

  3. Scraps - Hmm, I guess what Avrom said.

    Rea - Eh. :P

    Avrom - Makes sense.