Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Few Good Posts

Blogger hasn't been letting me read much today; Google thinks I'm spyware. A few good posts as we head into Yom Kippur:
  • On a lighter note, G sent me this great post on Deadspin about selling Sandy Koufax's yarmulke (which looks much like CWY's old one) - the cliche Jew comments are hilarious in that they're so completely not funny... His fave, though I actually don't see it:
    But what if God's not a Dodgers fan, and we've picked the wrong team to follow? Every week we're just making God madder and madder
  • And on a heavier note...
  • Irina wonders if she'll live.
  • Pearl thinks about U'Nesaneh Tokef; so does TNSPR. Pearl:
    Perhaps I was most aware of the theme of this post as the kohanim went up on the bimah for "duchenin"; two of those men that were up there, whom I know, have cancer. They have been taking treatments and I believe that one of them has decided to stop his treatments. It shows in his face, in his body and in his wife's eyes as she looks at him.

    As those men stood and blessed the congregants, as kohanim have done for centuries, I couldn't help but wonder if these men would be around next year to bless us again.

    And moreso I thought that they are blessing us; Hashem should bless them hundredfold with strength and good health.
  • R' Ally thinks we should take it all personally.


  1. I am entertained by the fact that there is actually someone commenting on deadspin (of all places0 creative enough to take a veiled shot at religion.

  2. Hey, you read deadspin, do you not? :P