Monday, September 10, 2007

Fighting Fear

WestBankMama has a very thought-inspiring post. Excerpt:

Once upon a time there were two friends, who nurtured their souls amidst the golden stones of the Old City. Returning to the place of their birth, they both knew that they wanted to make the journey back home. After awhile they found their chosen ones, and from two friends longing to go home they became two pairs. Soon each pair became three, as G-d blessed each with a first born son.

The dream of going home continued to burn brightly, but fear came to visit and put doubts in their way.

“How will you make a living? It is so much harder there!”

One couple decided that they had to work harder, and they picked up the obstacle in their path and carried it with them.

The other couple decided that they would work hard, but that Hashem would provide the rest. In this way they stepped over the obstacle put in their path, and continued on their way home.

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  1. Thanks Ezzie for the link and the compliment.