Sunday, September 09, 2007

NFL Season Begins: Browns Stink Already

It's 1:20, and so far, the Browns have done the following: 2-yard run, incomplete, sack, 15-yard punt by the backup punter leading to a quick TD for the Steelers, and an interception returned to the Browns' 17 just now. Nice. Oh, and now a sack by Wimbley was taken away thanks to an offsides on the Browns.

Meanwhile, whatever happened to normal offensive TDs? The Bills just returned a punt for a TD. Two TDs in the Colts-Saints game were by the defense. The Vikings just returned an INT for a TD. The Eagles fumbled a punt and the Packers recovered it in the endzone for a TD. Only the Panthers and Patriots drove down for scores so far. Weird.


  1. I take my medium rare!

    * Letting readers in on the joke: Ezzie has developed a bad habit of losing friendly sports bets to me. This time he took his pathetic Browns over my Steelers. Loser buys steak dinner.

  2. It's gonna be a long season in Cleveland. Same goes for Atlanta. Someone told me yesterday it would be a long year for me as a Falcons' fan, and I replied that I had had a long lifetime as a Falcons' fan.

  3. David - As soon as Frye got picked off, I thought "well, guess dinner's on me".

    HH - Sha.

    Jewboy - You should try being a Cleveland fan. Just multiply your worst memories by 1000.

  4. I guess your Falcons, the Browns and my J-E-T-S will all be fighting to draft Slaton next year...

  5. I guess your Falcons, the Browns and my J-E-T-S will all be fighting to draft Slaton next year...

    Oh, no, no, no. For the Brownies do not own their pick as it was passed on in order to draft that Montana of the clipboard known as Brady Quinn.

    I'm already in mid-season frustration form.

  6. G - Came quick this year, didn't it. I had it by 1:20.

  7. I'd like to make a crack, but I am a Raider fan. ;(

  8. Umm, we're fighting to draft Brian Brohm, actually.

  9. Good luck with Brohm...he's never going to have success in the NFL.