Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quarry from Temple Mount Found

(Hat tip: Imma) Israel Matzav has pictures; this story is quite interesting.
The Antiquities Authority announced today that it has found the quarry that supplied the giant stones for the building of the Temple Mount. The quarry is located in what is now one of Jerusalem's newest neighborhoods, Ramat Shlomo (also known as Reches Shuafat), between Ramot and French Hill. The quarry was found in the course of an archaeological rescue dig prior to the construction of a neighborhood school.

The ancient quarry is spread out over at least five dunams (1.25 acres), with rocks between three and eight meters long - the size of those that can still be seen today at the foundations of the Temple Mount and in the Western Wall - hewn out of the ground.

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky has ordered a halt to the school-building plans, budgeting 350,000 shekels ($86,500) for the archaeological work.


  1. Nice!

    Y'know, I think I'm becoming too cynical.
    The first thing that came to mind while reading the article: How long before someone determines how the stones were hewed from the site...and it's not the shamir?