Monday, September 17, 2007

756 should go...

...where? That's the question Marc Ecko is asking after buying the historic home run by Barry Bonds. And he's letting the people of the world vote on it, too. The choices are to bestow it to Cooperstown as is; to brand it with an asterisk and then give it to Cooperstown; or to send it to outer space. Personally, I'm in favor of A - let the people know in their own minds that there is much doubt about Bonds, while letting baseball showcase what still was an impressive and historic homer; but I can understand B as well. C is just a waste to me.

No matter your opinion, give credit to Ecko: This is really cool.


  1. B. Definitely B. He cheated, no matter how spectacular the home run was. That deserves an asterisk.

  2. Here's the thing... even if today, people feel like the ball should be branded with an asterisk, or blasted into space, we lack a sense of historical perspective. It's possible that years from now, we'll look back at this era and view our hand-wringing as having been overblown and overwrought. As such, I hope we don't make any permanent changes to the home run ball that we wouldn't one day be able to undo.

  3. "But Mr. Ecko died in Lost Season 3"

    Or did he........?***dramatic LOST noise***