Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kosher Pareve Ice Cream

A huge hat tip to another blogger friend whom I think wishes to remain anonymous on this one...

She knows the couple who started this, and apparently they brought over some samples... and now she's addicted. As she put it:
They finally found manufacturing and got certified Cleveland Kosher*, and are now looking to be nationally certified. This is the best damn parve ice cream EVER. seriously. no soy aftertaste, rich, creamy - i'm not sure i want to know what's in it :-)
And the best part, for the mavinim (those who understand), the name: Shannon Road Ice Cream. Sweet.

Some more details from our anonymous friend:
after being on ice cream hiatus for august in order to get his manufacturing ducks in a row, he is selling today out of his house first come first serve for yom tov, and i think for sukkot yom tovim as well. he should be in stores (Unger's, Altman's etc.) by sukkot or shortly thereafter. tell your folks, perhaps they can pick some up.
Heard that, Ma? :)

* That's the hechsher in Cleveland; similar to how Chicago has the CRC or Queens has the VHQ. Ice Cream Dan Man commented and emailed that they are NOT and never have been certified by the CK but are currently looking for a large national certification, and hope to have it within a week or so, just some last details to work out. This hasn't stopped most people from buying it from him. He doesn't know if he'll have it in stores by Sukkos, but will be selling from his house until then.


  1. I have now officially seen everthing.

  2. There's a big new ice cream store on Union Turnpike

  3. yummy.

    and that is one of the reasons why i like the US... the variety of kosher ice cream.

  4. * That's the hechsher in Cleveland; similar to how Chicago has the CRC or Queens has the VHQ.
    Uhhhh, yeah. Not quite.

    More similiar to how New York has the Bonanno, Gambino, COlombo, Genovese and Lucchese.

  5. G - Oy. I meant in terms of reliability. Be nice...

  6. I think it's hysterical that they have bracha info on their website! :-D

  7. So when you get it at your house, let me know and I'll come taste it. I am SOOO not a fan of pareve ice cream.

  8. Well, this was a pleasant surprise to stumble across. Yep, it's me, the Ice Cream Man in the flesh, sort of. I'm glad to see that your friend was excited about my product, and I'd like to know who it was, if possible.

    I do want to clarify, I am not under the Cleveland Kosher Certification, and never have been. Of course, that hasn't stopped most people from buying it. I will hopefully be officialy certified by one of the national hashgachas within the next week or so, just a few details to sort out. Please feel free to keep an eye on my website for updates and what not.

    Also, to all of you in the Cleveland area who have not had the pleasure in partaking of some Shannon Road Ice Cream, feel free to send me an email, and we'll try getting you addicted with some free samples. And I don't use the term addicted lightly, it's really good stuff.

    I may not have it in the stores by sukkos, but I will definitely be selling it again from my house. If you're interested in getting on my email list, you can contact me via my website, email is always the best way to contact me.

    I'm sorry if I was a bit long winded, and if I used your blog for my own purposes, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to talk about my stuff. Gmar Chasima Tovah!

    Ice Cream Man Dan

  9. i recently found a soy ice cream i like a lot

  10. B"H The best I ever had, and I tried a lot, was this Rosh haShannah. Nestle has a girsa w/an Eidah Haredis heksher. It's better that Strauss and Tofutti I think.

  11. Ok first of all, I'll get on the email list--- I'm in Cleveland Heights, walking distance from Shannon Road and haven't yet heard of this--- I must be living under a rock--- I'm a junk food fanatic.

    Secondly, I have another friend, also in Cleveland, also selling food out of his home. I've warned him that there are major legal/ health code/ kashrus problems with this, but not being an attorney, I can't give legal advice..... "Dan the ice cream man", can you give some etzah as to how you legalized your operation? What sorts of liscenes do you have, how you got past all the health code stuff about selling food from your home, etc etc? What kind of protection do you have on your recipes, how do you deal with your business tax wise (are you incorporated?), etc etc? thanks! I'll email you personally too in case you don't see this. Thanks for the advertisement, Ezzie--- I'm sure this will be a new addiction for me. :)

  12. B-Y - I guess we'll both have to try this one! :)

    TwinsMommy - I forwarded the comment to Dan. Thanks!