Monday, September 03, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, Labor Day

A few good reads/views out there:
  • A great article on why every Jew should love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees in American Jewish Life Magazine, via DaBoys. Now, obviously he meant to say Indians, but it's an excellent and amusing piece.
  • David Linn's wife finds a picture from his old Monster story - HA! And this picture of tranquility will make you smile. :)
  • Pearl asks why people use the term "my wife/husband" etc. instead of names, particularly [it seems] in some frum circles. Feel free to put your own answer in the comments there...
  • RWAC has a great piece on self-doubt, particularly as a rav. Read it.
  • Jack follows that up with a piece of his own.
  • Chaim has questions but no answers - what's your status?
Have a wonderful day off, for all those who do. I need to go prepare for tonight's fantasy draft... I've got the 5th pick. I'm thinking it's got to be Gore or Addai, but which one!? (I'd rather trade down... and I'd rather be at the draft party in Baltimore with 3/4 of the league! Ah well...)


  1. We wish that you could join us tonight as well, but don't feel badly that 3/4 of the league will be here without you. So far, only three people have RSVPed. I think I bought too much food!

  2. Thanks for the link. As for baseball, every good Jew knows that Chazal hated the D.H.

    Go National League! ;)

  3. I assume that "HA" was aimed at my haircut in that pic. In that case, it is well deserved.

  4. JS - 3 RSVPs plus you guys is already 1/3! Call the rest, not everyone gets it in their email...

    Jack - OY. :)

    David - I was going with the jersey... :P

  5. Ezzie, you and your blog certainly have clout; you sent quite a number of folks over to read my latest post. Not all of them commented, but my day's stats went higher than they've been other words, they've really been dragging 'cause I haven't been writing much lately.
    Thanks for the mention. I also got some interesting comments online and offline with regards to the post.

  6. the my wife/husband thing drives me crazy. especially when its "my chusson" - we hear abt them often enought to know who shmuli/chaim/yossi/yitzchok is!!!

    are u trying to show off that u have a significant other??

  7. I forwarded the baseball article link to many friends in memory of my dear Grandpa Red, who I spent long summer afternoons listening to Red Sox radio broadcasts with as a child. He taught me to cheer on two teams: the Red Sox, and whoever was playing the Yankees! (In that order) ;)

    (I grew up in Mass., moved where I am now in 9th grade)