Monday, September 10, 2007

Rosh Hashana: The Menus

For all those who are interested... here are the menus for Rosh Hashana at Casa SerandEz. If anyone wants any recipes, feel free to email me; perhaps I'll put them up later and link them back in. We are eating out the two Shabbos meals; one with family and one with super-kind friends who live nearby, and we're hosting... well, a LOT of people. And I mean a lot for us, which is a lot. V'hamayvin yavin.

1st night:
  • SerandEz, Elianna, + 8 guests so far
  • Grape Juice, Challah, Apples, Simanim
  • Layah's Salad
  • Deli Roll
  • Beef & Spinach Wraps
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Lemon Curry Chicken
  • Dessert - to be determined
1st day:
  • SerandEz, Elianna, + 11 guests so far
  • Grape Juice, Challah, Apples
  • Fruit Soup (Pineapple/Strawberry)
  • Taco Meat Salad
  • Deli Roll
  • Potatoes
  • Breaded Italian Cutlets
  • Apricot Honey Chicken Poupon
  • Dessert - to be determined
2nd night:
  • SerandEz, Elianna, + 7 guests so far [our "easy" meal]
  • Grape Juice, Challah, Apples, Shehecheyanu
  • Salmon [maybe]
  • Caesar Salad
  • Lasagna
  • Rockets (or Rukka Crumka or something)
  • Blueberry Pie (?)
2nd day:
  • SerandEz, Elianna, +11 guests so far
  • Grape Juice, Challah, Apples
  • Sushi Salad
  • Strawberry Mango Salad
  • Lasagna
  • Rockets
  • Tuna Quiche
  • Broccoli Kugel (?)
  • Dessert - to be determined
Yes, we like the whole apples in honey thing in my family. Yes, we eat milchigs on Yom Tov. No, I don't eat broccoli. Or blueberries. Yes, we're also having drinks such as soda; no, I don't know why I put in kiddush and hamotzi and not the drinks.

Oh, and we also have 5 girls staying here, though probably we'll be putting two at a nearby apartment. Yes, we are crazy. But we enjoy it. :)

Kesiva v'chasima tova!!!


  1. THANK YOU, Ser and Ez, for your amazing hospitality! How do you find time to cook all that? That's, what, four lasagnas? And all that chicken! Yes, please post your recipes. And I hope you'll take a trip to the west coast so WE can host YOU!!!
    L'Shana tova from one of your biggest fans!

  2. I wish i could be there. But we'll be thinking of you across the Atlantic. Have a Ksiva Vchasima Tova and a year filled with everthing good. I'll try to call you. E-mail me.

    Guess Who!!!!!

  3. We'll be away for yom tov so we won't be stopping in to partake of the delicacies. Save me some leftovers. I have no idea what rockets are but they sound crunchy.

    A kesivah v'chasima tova to you and your family.

  4. Yum - maybe I'll change my plans and come to KGH. Do you have room for me? ;)

  5. "Sushi Salad"

    Why? Why? Why?

    --at least you combined them, messing up one dish instead of two seperate ones.

  6. did u move the sofa into the kitchen?

  7. Sarah - It will be. :)

    NL - :D Um, who has time? We're still figuring out when... thank God it's Yom Tov! That's part of the reason we tried to get out both Shabbos meals.

    I'll try to post some recipes soon... and we'd LOVE to. :) Shana Tova!

    Guess who - Aww, we miss you guys!! Have a Ksiva v'Chasima Tova as well, and may this year be even better than the last. :)

    David - You're already getting enough food from me, don't ya think?! Rockets are actually pretty soft - potatoes and cheese... really yum.

    Shoshana - We actually do. :P

    G - LOL. You'd like it, watch.

    Special Ed - Nope! In the end, we don't have to!

  8. Wow, but I am not surprised. I would love the sushi salad recipe, but I don't need it before Yom Tov. It would never fly in my family but I will make it after Yom Tov. Shana Tova, SerAndEz and Elianna!

  9. That looks delicious.

    Almost makes me want to invite myself and my family over, barring the 500 mile drive, the fact that we are 2 moderately volumed (sometimes) adults and five noisy children, and the impoliteness of inviting oneself over for dinner.

  10. SaraK - Only the sushi salad? Ouch. :P (kidding...!!!) Vervel has some good recipes too.

    Moshe - You're eating all the leftovers, I'm warning you now.

    Avrom - Eh, we tell people to invite themselves, then we say yes or no. (Um, usually yes.) But you'd be sleeping on Main St.

  11. Oooh, I'm getting hungry just reading about this! You're going to have to roll me home afterwards... :-P

  12. Where do you store all of the food or do you cook during yom tov?

  13. Wow, I'm so jealous of your guests...oh wait, no need...yessss!

  14. Wow! Now I wish I was coming, too! :D But put up some recipes! And Shana Tova!

  15. SJ--shall we roll home together? ;-)

  16. Can I be totally obnoxious and ask how on earth do you afford to feed that many people that much food?? You must save up all year for Yom Tovim, no? And how on earth do you have the time to cook all that????

    I guess maybe I just have no money and no time since I'm still a newish mommy, but still--- I'm GASPING reading these menus (and craving a snack, so thanks.)

    Shanah tovah!