Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Fat Brother

Note: My brother OD weighs barely half what I do. He's also 5 inches shorter. I like to call him my little brother (he's turning 33 soon). Anyway, here's what his daughter Hen (just turning 3) had to say to my sister-in-law SIL:
Hen: [Shen] came out of your tummy right?
SIL: Yes.
Hen: And also [Ben] and me?
SIL: Yup.
Hen: But not Daddy cuz he doesn't fit.
Nice. Meanwhile, here's what Ben had to say after his first day of school:
Ben made a good friend in school already BH. He told me: _______ is my best friend. He became my friend so quickly. (Sighs and touches his heart) I have so much love for him in my heart. This is what happened. My heart went out of my chest, went into _______'s chest and came back into my chest.


  1. Ben is gettin all Indiana Jones on ya

  2. Evil Robot Ezzie, I am confused - who is Shen?

  3. What happen if OD read this? Is he going to be insulted?

  4. Shen is the little sister of Ben and Hen!

    My brother? Nah. He won't read it, SIL will; and when she tells him, he'll shake his head. He hasn't gained a pound in the last decade, so I doubt he'll be insulted.

  5. OMG, that's the cutest thing ever. :D

  6. Your brother's kids are so hilarious. :-D