Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Off to a Running (Back) Start

NOTE: You can still join the NFL Pool I run, now in its 11th year - just email me at serandez at gmail.

I had the 5th pick in the draft in the league my brother-in-law and I run, and somehow, thanks to some really interesting drafting all around, ended up with the following team: [League is pretty standard CBSSportsline rules - QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, DEF, 6 reserves; standard points (25yds passing, 10rush/rec, etc.)]
  • Round selected in ()
  • QB Hasselback (5), Quinn (15)
  • RB Johnson (1), Jones-Drew (2), McAlister (6), Dunn (14)
  • WR Holt (3), Walker (4), Holmes (8), Glenn (11), Henderson (12)
  • TE Winslow (7), K Graham (10), DEF Eagles (9), Raiders (13)
The depth at RB is great - I may even trade a RB if I can really improve one of my WR slots. I don't like a few of the picks - Walker and Glenn in particular - but I was surprised (both pleasantly and unpleasantly) a few times during the draft, so I took what was available. I just missed a few people I had targeted for certain rounds: Wayne (3), Rivers (5), Brown (6), Edwards (7), Jaguars (9) to name a few, but most of those ended up okay. Should be a fun season - the draft room was hilarious... no? :)

The big twists were Addai going #3, followed by 4 QB's getting snatched up in the first 14 picks, much to the surprise of everyone else. I expected to take Harrison at 20, figuring all the good RBs would be gone, but not only did Harrison get picked, Jones-Drew was still around. I couldn't pass on that... My biggest mistakes were not really paying attention to byes. I wanted the Jags D, but was satisfied with the Eagles - and had always planned on the Raiders as a backup. But the Raiders' bye week is the same as the Eagles, which really can hurt.

Anyway, at least I have Brady Quinn. He's pretty hot.*

* You may need to know my BIL to find that funny.


  1. Ezzie: I hope you had some beers to regain your masculinity...

  2. naaah ur hometown bias showed--winslow will be productive but not 7th round productive and quinn certainly wont be--id have taken berrian over holmes and probably even walker if he was around and the chi defense, which barring injuries will challenge for records this year. what round did romo go in? mcalister is a great pickup in the 6th round but the fact that wayne lasted till round 3 i find a little suprising--he'll be a top 5 reciever this year for sure. I think i want to be in your suicide pool, but i try not to bet though. too bad.Brad

  3. Yes, the draft room WAS hilarious. We had so much fun that we want to do it again. There were a lot of surprises, but Chaim and I think that the biggest one was the fact that the Bears' and Ravens' Defenses were picked up so early. (I'm still really mad at Rachi about that!). And BTW, we only picked up 2 Ravens--Clayton, who should be pretty solid, and McNair as a reserve. All in all, our draft was pretty decent, but we're not too happy with our D.

  4. What the...LJ FIFTH!, 4 QBs in the first 2 rounds?
    Damn, maybe I should have entered this league...easy money

  5. Jameel - Sam Adams and Heineken. Good enough?

    Brad - I didn't want Winslow at 7, but I needed a TE or WR and with Edwards and Reggie Brown gone, I was stuck. The only other WRs I had interest in were going to be around 15 picks later, so I took Winslow, who would not have been. (Lots of TEs were already off the board.)

    Quinn was a joke pick in the last round, though I may hold on to him anyway, see if he ends up starting by the time the Seahawks' bye rolls around. More likely, I'll trade for a different QB anyway.

    The Chi DEF was the first pick in Round 5. Berrian was gone before Holmes, so was Walker I believe, though I don't like either of them... Steelers are playing a more up-tempo offense, and Holmes is really good - plus Ward is getting older, etc.

    Deuce was a pick I couldn't pass up at the end of the 6th. Wayne was the 2nd pick in Round 3 - I almost took him in the 2nd round, but couldn't pass on Jones-Drew, and hoped he'd come back around.

    You're welcome to join any of my pools. :)

    JStein - It'll be even funnier if we're all in the room...! How many ended up showing up by you? My friend was with me, felt that there simply wasn't enough else available and that between his 5th and 6th picks (22 picks) the Bears and Ravens would both go, so he figured he'd snatch them then. Bigger drop from them to the other D's then at WR. And Rachi made a nice snag on the Ravens where he did. We both were like WHAT? when you two took Clayton... don't think that's a great pick; and McNair late I guess is fine. But hey, that's your guys' problem! :D

    G - Seriously, if anyone drops out next year, you definitely should - pretty strong Balto base. You'd enjoy. But remember - the rest of us who didn't take QBs are pretty darn solid, and Peyton wasn't a bad pick at 6, but I think he should've taken Gore (who went 7th).

    Nu, how do you like my team?

  6. Snooooooooore.


    (but Brady Quinn *is* cute :))