Thursday, September 20, 2007

R' Gil Student (Hirhurim) Leaves Reshimu

That certainly didn't take long. Rabbi Gil Student of Hirhurim will not be moving solely to Reshimu... in fact, he won't be moving at all. Gil's take:
Due to readership feedback and increasingly divergent views on direction, I had been planning on asking to be removed from Reshimu. However, that is now unnecessary (link). This means that Hirhurim will be staying where it is but it will not be staying the same. Some things will be changing. It is a bit premature to announce these changes now but please stay tuned.
The link in there is Ben Atlas's post on Reshimu. As I noted when it first occurred, I (and just about any reader of Gil's) didn't think it was a very good idea; while I feel bad for Gil that it didn't work out, I can't say that I'm upset about it, either. Much hatzlacha to Gil in the future on Hirhurim and in whatever his plans are.

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