Friday, September 23, 2005

My Best Recent Posts - Trackback Carnival

I have noticed that a number of bloggers are posting trackback carnivals, so rather than edit a bunch of posts, I figured I would just link everything in one place.

Trackback hosts: Point Five, Wizbang, StoptheACLU, MyVastRightWingConspiracy, EuphoricReality, bRight & Early, Basil's Blog, Jo's Cafe, Cafe Oregano, and Jack Army. If there are more that I missed, sorry... I copied Point Five's list.

A brief synopsis of my own recent posts: (please feel free to peruse the archives too!)
Hot Topics in the Blogosphere: Stuck on Stupid and PorkBusters.

Economics: E-Bay & Skype discusses their merger; Negative Income Tax discusses the effect Netanyahu's conservative policies have had on Israel, and how that could help the US.

Middle East: Palestinians take over Gaza and Abbas vs. Hamas discuss the transfer of power, and the disasters that have followed, in Gaza, while 60 Minutes Should Show This Instead discusses Pallywood - the Palestinian version of Hollywood, where they fake injuries and fierce gunfights for the world media. The two posts on Sharon's UN speech analyze what he said, what he meant - and who he is warning, while another post about Israel joining the Security Council turned out to be interesting yet inapplicable. In addition, the Iraqi President asks for our continued help, while the Good News from Iraq will be turned over to the Wall Street Journal.

Justice John Roberts, Katrina, & the Media: Roberts' excellent speech, an excellent point he made, and the role of judges in our judicial system were followed by a ruling that the media portrayed incorrectly, along with a disgustingly leading - and surprising (to ABC) interview of a Hurricane Victim. The President takes the right approach; Reuters does not in its caption of a picture, nor does the rest of the media when reporting on Cindy Sheehan's protest. Neither do Senators Reid or Durbin, in their disgusting choice of words Justice Roberts [read the quotes carefully], as opposed to Senator Leahy, who was honest and fair. Another poor choice of words is spoken by ABC when it talks about its new show, but it's not as bad.

Humor: Everyone knows Kids Say the Darnest Things, and that wives hate sports fan husbands on Sundays, but if you're Jewish (and maybe if you're not) you may appreciate the Crazy Shabbos series, which is far from over, but still quite funny. Make sure to read it in order. Haveil Havalim 36 & 37 are roundups of some of the better Jewish bloggers' posts of the week.

Sobering/Uplifting: The last great Nazi hunter is gone, at the same time that Hamas wants to build a museum for terror weapons. But there are still some heroes out there.

Please, read, enjoy, and feel free to comment or critique! Thank you!

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  1. What a great idea you have, making it like a carnival!