Tuesday, September 13, 2005


TRIBE WINS!! The Indians beat the A's 5-2 tonight, in one of the most exciting games I've watched in a long time... Aside from a power delay when some of the lights had an outage and manager Eric Wedge getting thrown out with a great argument, I've never seen so many incredible double plays (particularly by Ronnie Belliard and Bob Wickman), and Ben Broussard crushed two homers - a two-run no-doubter to tie it in the 7th and a three-run shot that just cleared the wall in the 8th to win it for Kevin Millwood, who pitched spectacularly as usual. The Indians also increased their lead over Oakland to 2-1/2 games and kept a 1-game lead over the (hated) Yankees.

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  1. no matter, the Yankees still rock.
    "Reb Abe"

  2. Yay! A Cleveland fan! Though I must say, that was a *hilarious* recording with you and Jack on his blog, and the Cleveland jokes were right on the money.