Friday, September 02, 2005

The Astrodome

I'm a little confused by this statement:
Red Cross officials said Friday that the Houston Astrodome cannot accept any more refugees from Hurricane Katrina. The sports arena has been turned into a temporary shelter for more than 11,000 left homeless in the New Orleans area.

"We've actually reached capacity for the safety and comfort of the people inside there," American Red Cross spokeswoman Dana Allen said.
Didn't the Astrodome used to hold about 50-70 thousand people for a game? Granted, that was in seats; and it was for a few hours; but people in this situation should be able to handle a little lack of comfort, as it certainly seems better than floating around New Orleans. And as this picture shows, they're only using the field area - why not either take out seats, or at the least, use all the concourse areas? Are they already? It seems like they're not utilizing their space well...
Also, what about the Rockets arena? Can they fit people there? Any old abandoned colleges? And I don't just mean in Houston - the entire South, from Texas to Florida, has got to have something for some of these people... then again, maybe I'm missing a lot of the story. After all, we're not hearing that a million people are roaming the streets, even though the stories we're hearing are pretty terrible and sad. Does anyone else know anything? Obviously, nobody can ever truly be prepared for a hurricane that wipes out a major city and many other small towns. But at least utilize what is available to its max! Are they, and I'm just missing it?

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