Sunday, September 18, 2005

Crazy Shabbos - Friday Night (High?)Lights

[This is Part III of a multi-part series... Read Parts I and II first!]

I'm hoping to find my cable so I can post some pictures here, to better show the layout of our apartment. Meanwhile, bear with me...

We left off with a loud knock at the door, but before we open it, I should describe where everyone was sitting: Where I sit, at the head of the table, I face the front door of the apartment. Serach sits across, with her back to the door; and there is a green couch behind me, a brown couch to my left, and 2 large comfortable chairs to my right. I was on one of those chairs, while DeepThroat, Toast, and BeardedMan were all on the brown couch across from me, right to left, with DeepThroat closest to the door.

When the door opened, in walked KickBoxer with her friend and her friend's husband whom she had eaten at. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that DeepThroat flushed a deep purple and sank into the couch a little bit, tilting his hat toward the door as if to hide his face. Serach was somewhat in between him and the guests, and I didn't think much of his reaction - however out of character it is for him. DeepThroat is not someone who embarrasses easily, nor gets flustered quickly, so I thought perhaps I'd imagined it.

After a minute or so of shmoozing, I decided it would be polite to introduce myself and everyone in the room. I quickly said, "Hi, I'm Ezzie, I live here," and everyone else started chiming in names and/or where they're from. DeepThroat, whose voice is quite distinct, was the last person, and when he said, "Cleveland," KickBoxer's friend immediately looked over.

"Hi!" she said warmly to DeepThroat, who at this point had darkened way beyond his normal deeply tanned shade. "Um, hi," he replied, as she asked how he was.

Apparently, not only did DeepThroat know the friend, but he had actually dated her quite seriously for a number of weeks - only to end it. Clearly, she was now married [and he obviously not], but he had neither seen nor spoken to her since he had broken up with her - with much disappointment on both parts, I might add. Hmmm... awkward...

Luckily, the two of them were both quite mature about it, and were able to carry on some nice conversation for quite a stretch. Meanwhile, around the same time, perhaps before this perhaps not, Groovin' had randomly walked out of the apartment without anybody truly noticing. Another of his interesting quirks is his random decisions about walking in and out of places, with no advance warning or 'Ok, have a great night' on the way out - then again, you never know when he might come back either. This is the same guy whose fiance actually proposed to him (multiple times I might add), and who once left an imaginary friend at a rest stop in southern Wisconsin - but those are much longer stories.

I can't remember the exact sequence of all events, but I believe everyone was talking for about a half-hour, during which DeepThroat discovered that KickBoxer was good friends with about three different girls he'd dated (at least one seriously) - lucky him. Kickboxer's friend and her husband, who is going for some type of medicine (sorry, bad memory), had been shmoozing with Ex-Pres, Memphis, and DeepThroat, and decided that it was late and they had to get home. [It was well past midnight at this point.] Somehow, there started, shockingly enough, a conversation about... dating! This is where DeepThroat's night of slaps continued, (note: he gave me permission to write all this, as he found it as funny as I did - in the end, he comes out in a positive light) as he started asking KickBoxer about one of the friends he'd dated.

This led to the second roll-in-the-aisles hilarious solo performance of the night, and I will discuss both that and the first one - by Groovin' - which I left out earlier, in Part IV! Coming soon! (Hey, it's 4AM!)

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  1. clever title
    "reb abe"

  2. lol thanks... you know, you can hit 'other' and put in Reb Abe...
    what's the story, you coming wed?

  3. thanks for the tip
    -If it still ok, I hope to be part of your "crazy wed. night (lights)" - - LETS GET IT STARYED!

  4. that should be "STARTED"

  5. What is this, Chanukah?! The most exciting thing around here on Wednesday nights is Dougie's all you can eat for $20!
    And yes, it's still okay. Now I have a great reason to leave class early!

  6. I thought this blog was a great reason to leave class early?!

  7. Nope. It's a computer class... I do this IN class.