Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Smeared Judges & Should the UN Dissolve?

Two excellent articles in today's Wall Street Journal...

Manuel Miranda discusses how Democrats are smearing judges, with no basis, in order to ensure a more left-wing pick - an issue I discussed yesterday. This is especially the case by minorites.

Claudia Rosett discusses the neccesity of the UN - or lack thereof, after observing a blackout there.

Read the articles, but here a couple of good lines:

The reactionary liberal effort in recent years to slow the march of progress by filibustering George W. Bush's judicial nominees was a political disaster for Senate Democrats in many ways, but it was successful in a few. Although most were ultimately confirmed, liberals stopped the president from placing young Grade A jurists on the federal appellate courts who, had they been confirmed a few years earlier, would now be perfectly suitable for Supreme Court elevation.

This is exactly what liberals intended. Proof of that came in staff memos from Dick Durbin of Illinois, quoted by the Wall Street Journal in November 2003. They showed that the Democrats blocked Miguel Estrada, the longest-debated appellate court nominee in Senate history, expressly because, in the words of one memo, "he is Latino."
On Monday afternoon the electrical power blew out at U.N. headquarters, forcing the secretary-general and the foreign ministers of four of the world's most powerful nations, along with France, to evacuate the executive offices on the 38th floor. Nonessential U.N. staff were sent home--leaving a friend to quip, "Does that mean all of them?"
When I asked one day for help in California to defend then-Justice Priscilla Owen of Texas, my friend, who should have known better, answered pointedly, "But she's an extremist." He was serious. I was amused.

As it turned out, this became normal. I had to explain to Republican senators and thoughtful civilians alike, and to the press, that Jane Nominee was not "on the fringe" and what was said about Joe Judge was actually a gross distortion of law or fact.
The U.N. founders wrote a charter at the end of World War II filled with wonderful words about reaffirming faith in "human rights" and "the dignity of human beings." They then contradicted themselves in practice from day one by respecting thug regimes enough to provide Stalin's Soviet Union a permanent seat on the Security Council and two extra seats in the General Assembly. They set up a U.N. system that not only failed to prevent a long series of wars but today fails to curb terrorism, or even adequately define it.

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