Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So Much Material, So Little Room!

Some excellent links from the Fab 4 of Blogging...

Instapundit links to a number of carnivals, including Haveil Havalim; a RadioBlogger transcript of a great interview of Rep. Peter King, who destroys Chris Matthews of MSNBC (see The Political Teen); and a great post that revisits the supposed weakness of the blogosphere - and realizes the media has proved it to not be.

LGF has two photos - one the media shows, one of the media setting up the picture. But there's no media bias. He also has Sheehan getting arrested, along with a video link from Bareknucklepolitics, and pictures of the throngs - of media - surrounding her. His best link, perhaps, is about what went on at the protests.

Michelle Malkin points out that even the NY Times' own editors no longer trust their reporters, has pictures of Sheehan's arrest and other protest photos, and a story about a boy named Montana which I actually saw on Jack's Shack first.

The Political Teen
has video of Sheehan's arrest, video of King's interview with Matthews, and video of Charles Rangel trying to defend his "Bush = Bull O'Connor" statement. He also asks a pointed question about Sheehan.

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