Monday, September 19, 2005

Reuters: Spot the Idiot

LittleGreenFootballs has this Reuters picture... I immediately thought the same thing as many of the commenters on LGF. See if you can spot the problem:
A Palestinian boy holds a toy gun during a Hamas celebration ceremony in Gaza city September 18, 2005. Thousands of armed Hamas militants marched through Gaza City on Sunday, defying efforts to remove unauthorised weapons from the streets just days after the Palestinian president vowed not to tolerate armed chaos.

Toy gun?! Most toy guns do not have magazines; especially spare ones; especially taped with (clearly) real tape to the side of the main magazine; and are not made of metal (as the spare magazine clearly is). Great "reporting" by Reuters, an organization so unbiased in its "news" "reporting" that it refuses to call Bin Laden a "terrorist" and puts "" around pretty much everything. Notice that the Hamas members are militants - not terrorists.


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