Monday, September 19, 2005

Smart Companies?

One of the interesting facets of the different hit counters and site meters are their ability to tell you where your visitors are coming from. It's slightly stalkerish, but always interesting.
One pattern I've noticed is that many people who work for companies tend to read blogs while they're at work - but that's not what I care about (though it is definitely interesting). What is interesting is that these companies show up as their own Internet providers: As opposed to people who are at home, who tend to show up as "America Online" (AOL), "VZNet Services" (Verizon), or "Cable.Midspring" (Earthlink), they show up as "BDO Seidman" (BDO), AccuTrade Inc., or the like. The most common seem to be law firms, accounting firms, and any form of financial service company - whether a bank, an investment firm, or anything else.

I'm curious as to why companies have their internet services - or even if they do. Perhaps they do not, but are listed as their own mini-network. Perhaps they do, and it is to make it easier to run their own internal network. Perhaps it's for security and/or privacy reasons. Anybody have any knowledge, ideas, or answers? I'm especially interested in the responses those who work at these types of companies and/or law firms.

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  1. A business customer is given the opportunity to use their own name rather than the internet provider's name as it identifies the e-mail sent from the company. As more business is done with e-mail, it is as important as using company stationery. Even Daddy has it!

  2. True - but that's not what I was referring to...

    I meant the actual service seems to be the company. Dad uses a service, not his own - I wonder why they each have their own.

    After all this time reading, is this the first time you've actually commented on the blog, instead of via IM? I'm honored!