Monday, November 17, 2008

Survey on Marriage

I took this short survey yesterday and found it very interesting, as it forced me to think a bit. It basically asks in a mostly open-ended fashion how a couple meshes the roles of husband and wife in a marriage. (One of the best questions in my opinion: What advice would you give to an engaged couple?) The creator of the survey is a friend of ours and is using this as a little unscientific research for a book she's in middle of writing. She's also quite happy to hear any comments, critiques, or suggestions about the survey, so feel free to let her know what you think. From her post on the subject:
The survey has only 18 questions, and asks about how tasks are divvied up between the husband and wife. Clearly I have a position on what marriage is, but I want to know how it works for you.

I think that completing the questionnaire will not only be enjoyable, but illuminating. And your responses may also be beneficial for those reading my book. I know the survey can't be considered scientific, and I'll present the results honestly as such. Still, the more input I have, the better, so please feel free to invite friends and family to participate. I'll only be running the survey, called "How Do You Mesh the Roles of Husband and Wife?" for a couple weeks. I'll be discussing it this Wednesday as I guest-host the third hour of The Michael Medved Radio Show, if you'd like to call in to share your thoughts!

Thanks in advance--I'm eager to see what you have to say!
Please take the survey.