Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emunah Issues

I no longer believe that G-d only gives people as much as they can handle. If that were true, I would have died about two months ago.

I think it's just a trite cliché that someone came up with in order to help deal with a difficult situation and/or bad times. (Maybe it was Bad4's "Mysterious They.")

Think about it: by its very nature, faith is an intangible entity. Yet we are often told to have faith--as though that were a concrete or tangible item capable of solving all our problems.

In some ways, though, this way of thinking does sort of make sense. After all, if one’s physical--or tangible--world is falling apart, what other options would that person have? If the tangible fails him, he is forced to rely on the intangible--faith and hope (yes, one may also rely on prayer, but that’s a whole other ball of wax) in order to continue living. If he doesn’t have anything to look forward to, then what would be the point of trying to survive?

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