Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Helping Hands

As a general rule, I don't write about anything involving my work on this blog. This is the wisest, safest choice and avoids my ever running into a problem with work because of this blog. However, there's something I want to write about right now because I think it's important to get out, so bear with me please.

Many friends of ours have known for a while, and many other readers caught on from this post, that I am currently unemployed. (Managing a hedge fund? Call me! {wink}) While I happen to be enjoying unemployment immensely at the moment, with the extra time to read and write when Kayla takes a nap, and the ability to spend some time playing with her and Elianna, I understand (okay, Serach insists) that in the long run, I'm going to need to find a good job. So after taking a little time off to figure some things out, I started to look recently for positions that were up my alley.

What has been amazing has been the help from people, whether friends, people who read this blog, people who barely know us, and people who just hear that I'm unemployed. Everyone either has a lead, thinks their own company might be looking, or has friends to send my resume to who might be able to help. More impressively, some of those friends of friends - people who don't know who we are at all - will call and say that while they don't know of anything, here are some friends of theirs who might. Others will follow up with me before I've even had a chance to do so with them, e-mailing or calling me to offer their help. It's truly amazing, touching, and heart-warming.

The kindness of others has reached the point where I'm starting to feel bad. It's simply impossible to keep track of all the people who have contacted me and follow up with them all as I would like to. I've had to prioritize by which jobs seem most up my alley and that I would have a reasonable chance of getting the job, while pushing the rest to the back burner until those first few play out. This is obviously a wonderful luxury, but it hurts to not be able to properly thank all those who have been going out of their way for us.

So... for all those who are reading this, thank you.