Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Best Lines From Shabbos Kallah

After a really nice - and shockingly calm! - Shabbos Kallah weekend for Pobody's Nerfect, keyed by an 18-course lunch at the Raggedies, it is only fitting that the best lines from the weekend be posted here:

Pobody's Nerfect: [telling story] was... What holiday is in June?
Endless Talker: July 4th.

Ezzie: Wow... fourteen years ago I was 11.
Erachet: No you weren't.
Ezzie: I'm 25. Yes I was.
Erachet: No, 11+14 = 26.
Ezzie, others: {staring}

Conversation that has not happened... yet:
Random guy Erachet doesn't really like: So, think we should get married?
Erachet: [NO!] Umm... okay?
Last week's bonus (the clean one)...
Spiritual Girl to Elianna, eating rice: Ha'im hakitniyot taim!?
Elianna: {confused look}
Serach: Did you just ask that?
SG: What? Isn't that what it's called?