Friday, November 07, 2008

Pobody & Shake

This past Sunday evening, we attended a beautiful wedding of a pair of good friends of ours, Pobody's Nerfect (a sometime contributor to this blog) and her now husband, Shake. G wrote a great piece a few days ago about sharing simcha; I don't think anyone can doubt that this wedding certainly shared its simcha with all who came (including about twenty people who read this blog at least once in a while). The singer remarked to someone near the end of the long, crazy, third (!) dance - which was not even supposed to happen - that he'd maybe once seen such a pumped-up crowd of friends.

Perhaps most importantly for the future of Pobody & Shake is the recognition that the little couple on their wedding cake, above left, was not representative of what marriage is actually like; instead, Pobody sent me the picture on the right with the comment "We should have had that on our wedding cake!"

Meanwhile, the highlight of the wedding (okay, okay, that didn't involve Pobody or Shake) was obviously the following short video showing the three flower-less flower girls walking down the aisle. In a true testament to Pobody and Shake, the two little girls are daughters of people they would often stay by and whom they consider family, and where they are considered family. I can testify that at least one of those girls was looking forward to this moment for weeks, and had been talking about it non-stop to anyone who would listen. And yes, the boy in the middle holding Elianna's hand is 21 [as of his best friend Shake's wedding day], available, and a mensch.

And of course, from all of us at SerandEz, Mazel Tov to Pobody & Shake!! We love you guys and we'll surely see you pretty soon. :)