Friday, November 21, 2008

Ponederous Parsha Point...

...that I was mulling over last night. Any coherent thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

So, Avraham Avinu dispatches his most trusted servant to find and bring back a bride for his beloved Yitzchok. This is done with very explicit instructions when it comes to qualifications for "who" and "from where" - namely his family and his homeland.

Okay, no problem. So Eliezer travels forth and meets up with a fine young lady whom he decides will be the bride and brings her back to his master's son. Easy Peasy.

My pondering was on the following - That's it? First girl he meets up with and the search is over?! Why not look around and see if there is someone even more suitable or worthy of being the wife of Yitzchak/daughter-in-law of Avraham? Was there no one else who was even a possibility?

1) It doesn't seem that too much time and effort was put into the search to make sure that he was the most successful that he could possibly be.
2)If, in fact, Rivka was the only person who fulfilled all of the necessary qualifications (meaning that there were no other sisters or cousins floating around)then why not just tell the servant at the outset "Go get the girl Rivka and bring her back"...or along the same lines - WAS Rivka the only choice? Were their other people from which to choose, I honestly don't know.

Also - what's with the whole "watering" test? And if after she went through all that work he had asked her name and she replied, "Eleanor, from the house of Jackson". That would have been it for! So why not first find out who meets the mandatory requirements and THEN look for additional personal distinctions.