Monday, November 17, 2008

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 11/17: Stumbling on Happiness

Watch this talk. It's Dan Gilbert giving a TED talk on happiness, and seeing as how searching for it seems to be a common theme in this world, it's worthwhile to actually know something about it.
  • ProfK has a fantastic post about the institutionalization of personal choice and individuality in the frum community. One of the best posts I've seen around in a while.
  • Sephardi Lady discusses a number of Orthonomic links, including one about a school Serach works in. While Serach is a SEIT and is unaffected, she's been noting how the school is extremely concerned and will either have to take drastic actions or it might not be able to continue after this year.
  • VIN posts a great letter from Rabbi Reuven Tradburks in Toronto stating that Orthodox Jews need to adopt a more accurate view of the non-religious world, citing in particular the ridiculous claims that were being made about Obama.
  • AlanLaz has a great piece on the need for a culture change in some communities.