Friday, November 21, 2008

My Shtark Is...

...quite honestly not what it once was - but we're working on rectifying that.

Anyway, I thought we might take a page out of the NIKE playbook...sometimes they just knock it out of the park with their commercials.

My fast is faster...

My shtark is shtarker than your shtark. My shtark is all shtarker. I got yeshivish all day. Shtarker. Geshmaker. Sharfer than your sharfer. I'll give you a head start. You underestimate my lomdus. My lomdus is the CEO of the United Global Lomdus Corporation. I’m mechavin to a Rishon right now. My shtark is shtark. Shtarkety Shtark. My Shtark and my Geshmak had a baby, named him Araingutan. You are not that shtark.