Thursday, November 27, 2008

Be Thankful, Give Charity

As many friends and readers of this blog know, we have in the past hosted a really nice (in our opinion, anyway) Thanksgiving party at our apartment. This not-quite-a-tradition started on a whim a few years ago and turned into quite the large festivity last year, with over 50 people showing up, including some people we'd never met previously. We love doing it, and we had a lot of fun both preparing and hosting the whole shebang each time, and it allowed us to finally meet and become friends with people we otherwise might not have.

This year, circumstances called for a far more modest weekend. We're heading to a Bar Mitzvah in Baltimore this Shabbos, after I attended a wedding last night while Serach took the girls with Pobody's Nerfect and Princess D'Tiara to watch some of the Macy's balloons get inflated. Elianna loved it!

Thanksgiving is as good of a time to give thanks as any other, and we're incredibly thankful to all of our friends who have made this past year so nice. Y'all don't know how much y'all mean to us, whether we see you often or rarely at all. We'd love to express our gratitude to everyone, but we'll also use this opportunity to ask anyone who can and is willing to help support some friends of ours in accomplishing a great, worthwhile goal that they've set out to do.

Many of you already know that a number of friends of ours are running on behalf of Chai Lifeline in the ING Marathon/Half-Marathon in Miami in January. While Bad4 thinks she's hit her fundraising goal already, the Linns (including a cool video of the route of the marathon) and Bas~Melech (who has written a series of stories detailing her experiences working at Chai Lifeline's Camp Simcha) are getting there but could use a drop more help. Should all of those hit their goals we have some other friends running who could use your help, too.

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and have a wonderful Shabbos!