Sunday, May 06, 2007

Facets of Israel & Other Random Thoughts

  • Looks like it's going to be a packed day today, as SerandEz plan on stopping in the city for brunch, having some fun at the Israel parade, and finally hitting Brooklyn for a friend's wedding. If you're at the parade, feel free to find us and say hi. We'll be the ones with the super-cute baby. :) Alternatively, just look for the guy who could really, really use a haircut, holding a Canon Powershot.
  • It was fascinating (in addition to just great) catching up with my charedi cousin over the weekend. There are so many stereotypes and notions about the economic situation and educational issues in the charedi world that are simply false... while others are all too true. But the assumption that some are not being dealt with is also false... while again, others are all too true. The next 5-10 years will be telling. More on that later in the week.
  • The first round of voting for the best posts in the JIB Awards ends tonight! I've noted my own favorites already, and if you haven't yet voted, SerandEz contributor Pobody's Nerfect needs just a handful of votes to squeeze into the finals in Best Overall Group C for Pobody Ever Needs to be Nerfect and in Best Jewish Religious Group B for Metamorphosis of a Teenage Punk. The same is true of my own series in Group B on How I Met Serach. Go, check out some of the other great posts that were nominated, and vote!
  • For more on Israel in general, the blogroll (still under construction) has the list of most of the Israeli blogs I generally read.
  • Go Cavs!!! The NBA sucks, by the way. If you're the Nets, aren't you outraged that they're forcing you to jump from a clincher Friday night to playing Sunday and Tuesday... then waiting until Saturday to play a Game 3?! Ridiculous.
  • Finally, a wonderful pair of happy birthday wishes to my father [who claims to be 31, but hasn't looked 31 since he was about 22] and (maternal) grandfather [who is proud of how he's doing at 86]. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! As Grandma Cleveland likes to say, "...and many more happy and healthy ones. Love, Grandma" - even if it's on an answering machine.


  1. Have a great day!! Sounds like things are hopping all across the Jewish Globe. It's exciting!

  2. I can't get past the captcha! Every time I enter the letters it acts like I got them wrong. This happened last time I tried, too.

  3. Happy Birthday Daddy Goldish!

  4. Happy Birthday to your father and and grandfather! : )

  5. Happy birthday, all.
    And regards to your f-i-l, Ezzie.

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