Friday, May 04, 2007

Workin' it Out

This year's NBA Playoffs have suffered from the same problem as most NBA Playoffs: The NBA drags the series' out so long that nobody whose team isn't in really cares. Other than that, though, the playoffs have been great... if you're a Cavs fan living in the tri-state area.

The Cavs had the great fortune of drawing the Wizards, and easily dispatched them. The Pistons crushed the Magic as was expected. The Bulls shocked the Heat with a sweep. The Nets are up 3-2 on the Raptors, with Game 6 in New Jersey tonight. If they win, that means the Cavs get to play the Nets while the Pistons and Bulls beat up on each other. Now here's the kicker for... well, people like me, whether the Nets win tonight or Sunday: Games 3 and 4 of a Cavs-Nets series will be in New Jersey, and as the Nets don't even sell out playoff games, I can probably get tickets. One of those games will probably be on Sunday afternoon - possibly even a clinching Game 4 if everything went according to plan.

But the best part? This is great: My friends went to a Heat-Nets game last year, and were obviously rooting for the Heat. The ushers came over and asked to speak to them... and moved them to seats right behind the Heat bench! Apparently, it's bad enough that the Nets can't sell out playoff games, but they're even further embarrassed if national television shows a nice number of Heat fans scattered throughout the crowd. By moving them all to the area around the Heat bench, it looks as if they're mostly affiliated with the team or something similar. If we can have something like that happen...!

Finally, there's that other conference - the one which has two teams that the Cavs just can't seem to beat. But one of those teams is already eliminated, as the Warriors absolutely ran all over the Mavericks to get rid of them. If the Spurs can knock off the Suns, the Cavs may be golden if they can knock off the Bulls-Pistons exhausted winner. Nice.