Friday, May 25, 2007

SerandEz Hiatus

SerandEz are going on a very short vacation, the first since... well, since ever. Ser has made Ez promise not to bring along his computer, so from Sunday morning until Monday night at the least I won't be blogging. While for most blogs that's really not a long time, for this one, it generally is. Perhaps some of the other contributors will finally resurface and write something [coughCOUGH]. Meanwhile, we hope everyone enjoyed their Shavuos as much as we enjoyed ours (and we have a couple of stories to tell!*), and hope that everyone has a wonderful Shabbos and a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Fitting for this weekend is Reb Abe's lone post [to date] [cough] on this blog, which he wrote last Memorial Day.

* 21 guests over 3 meals. Lesson One: It's really not so bad having a ton of guests as long as you're invited out for the last meal. Lesson Two: It's really nice to eat, have enough guests to daven mincha in your house, and then sleep until ma'ariv.


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  2. So glad the meal I came for was less crowded :)
    Enjoy the trip!

  3. Ezzie survived without the comp!all hope is not lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think we should all take breaks. It's healthy.