Thursday, May 10, 2007

Something Completely Different

Ezzie is supposedly very busy these days (I heard a rumor that he is asking for change on street corners, but don't tell) so he asked me to put up a guest post in his blogging absence. Since his other guest posters have seemed to find their guest posting responsibilities satisfied by posting pictures and arguments about cool cars, and I have nothing to say about that (I leave the topic of cars to my brother), I decided I would post about a much more interesting matter - Grey's Anatomy (I think Sarah is all caught up so I can discuss the show freely now).

So, first of all, can I just say that I was not so thrilled with the new spin-off? It was basically the same exact story lines already emerging in the first episode as the original, but in California. And unfortunately, while Tim Daly looks pretty good (not to mention Taye Diggs), he just can't compare to McDreamy and McSteamy, an unbeatable dynamic duo if I ever saw one.

Second, I don't understand why George and Izzie can't just keep their hands off each other. Doesn't Izzie respect the fact that George is married? She wasn't so interested in him before he found Callie. She's certainly pretty enough, I'm sure she could find her own guy (and all of this being said, I do feel bad for her about the Denny thing, but I don't think George is the answer). I really like Callie, and I think she and George deserve a fighting chance without Izzie around. And, btw, I think Callie could do better than George - he totally doesn't deserve her. She's way cool and, let's face it, he's kind of a dork.

Third, what's going on with Alex and the no-name chick? Is this going to be another Denny situation - a doc falling in love with his patient? I've never really understood Alex anyway, but all the more power to him, I guess. What a situation to walk into - no history, no baggage without a memory. Maybe I'll pay a good neurosurgeon to knock some guy upside the head and give him a clean slate.

Finally, poor Meredith. I'm finally starting to like her, she's finally not just a huge bundle of teary, falling-apart, knitting mess, and now McDreamy's career is being held back because of his relationship with her. And, her step-mom gets killed off, which drives a huge hole in the extremely newly-forged relationship with her father. Poor thing, I actually feel sorry for her, and am rooting for her for once.

(Oh, just one side note, so I don't forget anyone - I'm totally with Christina for not wanting the big fancy-shmancy wedding. My advice is to elope.)

So, there you have it - my wrap-up of Grey's Anatomy, totally the only show on television I feel like spending time watching. Anyone else want to offer their take?