Monday, May 14, 2007


It looks like I'll be heading to tonight's Cavs-Nets Game 4 with my brother, my good friend and sometime contributor/commenter DGEsq., and perhaps GS. If he says no, anybody else want to come? $20, we have one more ticket!

UPDATE: GS has Mets tickets. G, you can make it here by then, no?

UPDATE2: Well, G, you can breathe a little better. The guy never showed up. At least we didn't spend any money... but what a piss-off. Ah well.

UPDATE3: AAAAAAAHHHHH!! I'm not sure if I should be incredibly mad, because we missed an amazing Cavs win 87-85 led by Lebron's 30/9/7, or content in the knowledge that as a Clevelander, had we been there, they would have somehow lost. It's sad that this is how we think, but we know it's true. We're a cursed people.