Wednesday, May 16, 2007


(Hat tip: Mommy) This is great. A woman in New Hampshire didn't like that her kids' iPods were so loud, and was concerned that their hearing would suffer permanent damage. So...
Christine came up with another idea: these earbuds, which replace the earbuds on the iPod or any other music source. They limit the volume to 80 decibels, or 85 if bass or treble boost is turned on. For comparison, a standard iPod goes up to 120 decibels; the European version is limited, by law, to 100.
Read the whole article, it's really fascinating. As an aside, though, the danger of high volumes is so often ignored, particularly at frum celebrations. Bands play at deafening - literally - levels, and there have already been a couple of cases where babies lost their hearing. The answer is not "bring earplugs" (though we do for Elianna, and you should for your kids), it's telling bands to turn it down - or you won't pay them. I've never understood why they go so loud - the best weddings with the best music are almost always the ones where the band isn't too loud, and the ones who play too loud simply sound bad. But it's time for responsible people to start making it clear to the bands that if they don't turn it down, they don't get paid: It is that simple.